Subversive Colouring Books

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uI have brought out a range of subversive colouring books that aim to cross the line,  oversteps boundaries, rules, or limits. They may go a little too far…

I love psychiatry colouring book

I love psychiatry colouring book









Lazy Person's Colouring Book

Lazy Person’s Colouring Book

Click unhappyjesus to get a free colouring book page sample from ‘I Love Psychiatry’ Colouring Book.















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Some Reviews of DSM 69!

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DSM 69 by Dolly Sen

My book of subversive art and writings around psychiatry is published by Eleusinian Press but also available from Amazon and to order through bookshops.

Here are some reviews of the book!

“Packed with laugh out loud moments, I’d urge you that if you find you must read any copy of the DSM, make it this one.” Recovery in the Bin

“Dolly Sen’s DSM 69 is a work of genius. It is a roadmap through her creativity and her intent to use art as a way to change the narrative given her; to claim her life for herself and to find dignity in who she has become in the quest to reclaim madness as a source of humour and of comfort.’  Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online.

“Small book, powerful message.” – Ru Gile

“I laughed so hard, tea came out of my nose.” – Rachel Rowan Olive, Writer & illustrator

“Sen is a fresh and invigorating voice for those who are feeling exhausted by the systematic repression of the healthcare system . their voice is empowering and reassuring to people like me who feel so deeply disempowered and in need of reassurance. Amazon customer

“Must-have pocket book for the creatively maladjusted” Helen Spandler, Editor, Asylum magazine

“It is a visual and poetic absurdist primer for all those who want and need to understand what drives survivor activists, and the fundamental importance of humour to us – a must then for all students of psychiatry as well as their critics.” DrSarah Carr, Middlesex University 

‘Despite Dolly Sen’s Manual of Psychiatric Disorders being such a short book I had to read it in stages. The patient in me howled with laughter, bitterness and righteous anger. The clinician in me had a wry smile and heaps of shame as I know of so many who share the experiences of those brilliantly satirised in this book. This is a book which creates humour and tragic tears in the very same moment. Dr Sandy Walker, Southampton University.


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Ladybird Book of the Menopause

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Some women who reach this stage in their life take up yoga and do fluffy things. Not me – I have to make fun of it.


Images belong to Ladybird Books, text has been added by me.


About Me

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As a child, Dolly Sen was an alien in Empire Strikes Back. She knew then she would never know normal life. Her journey as an Dolly Sen with hello kitty guitarartist has taken her up a tree in Regents Park, to California’s Death Row, to the Barbican, Tower Bridge and the Royal Academy, Trafalgar Square, and up a ladder to screw a lightbulb into the sky.

Dolly’s creativity aims to put reality over her lap and slap its naughty arse.

Dolly is an award-winning writer, artist, performer and filmmaker.  She has had 10 books published, been nominated twice for a Dadafest Literary Award (2006 & 2007), and won several awards for her poetry. Her subversive blogs around art, disability and humour have a huge international following.  Since 2004 she has exhibited and performed internationally. Her most recent projects have been a digitally commissioned work for Short Circuit and the Brighton Digital Festival, where she gave an ordinary website a psychotic episode and changed its programming forever, and the creation of the popular Madvent Calender for Christmas 2014.  To find out more go to

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