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My digital work 

I find the digital world a powerful arena for the exploration of madness and its place in the world. I can say anything I want. There is no censorship. There is no hiding me. There is no hiding us. It is sometimes easier to be a resident in a world that does not exist than to be in the ‘real’ world that questions your existence.

In a strange way, the internet allows me to be more real; as the real world has taught me to be a virtual human being, an identity programmed by faulty reasoning and fear.

For example, I Googled ‘Dolly Sen’ It told me who I was. I am adding art to the digital world so when someone googles madness, they don’t infected by the virus of sanity.

In these strange times, I have created a self-isolating website 

I was commissioned by Frequency Festival to create a website going through an existential crisis.

The Sensitive Website (click on image to go to website)

The Sensitive Website


Click pic to watch an internet page have a psychotic breakdown

Click to see an internet page have a psychotic breakdown

Please fill in my sanity feedback form, which asks questions like: would you recommend sanity to others? 

This is so I know whether to continue subscribing after the free trial ends.

Fill in this Sanity Feedback Form
Fill in this Sanity Feedback Form

Equality and Compassion – Out of Stock?

Equality and Compassion – Out of Stock?

My website of the Future – always coming soon.

The Future Website - always coming soon
The Future Website – always coming soon

Help the Normals
Help the Normals


mental health signposting website
mental health signposting website

depressed search engine

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  1. Hi Dolly – your work was highlighted during a Politics, Art and Power, change must come course I recently took at city lit so I’ve been looking at your work, just wanted to say I love these images and take on these websites. I work in a local authority setting and come across the reality of what your conveying daily so your take on it hits home. brilliant and hopefully I can see your actual work in real life when this is over!

    • Thanks so much taking the time out to contact me, I am glad you like my work. Hopefully I will make more work to be in more places. Best wishes, Dolly

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