JUSTICE with prison philanthropist Edwina Grosvenor

Dolly talks to Edwina about her childhood, her experience of psychosis, mood disorder and PTSD, and how the multiple diagnoses affected her ability to live a normal life. She also talks about how she has survived – and befriended – the voices in her head. 


Join Nwando Ebizie to look at how rest has been politicised, whether the mental health system can be redeemed by art and how to navigate the noise of the city.  Guests include Black Power Naps (artists Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa), researcher Professor Stephani Hatch and artists Dolly Sen and Rowdy SS.

Chris Young’s Walk a Mile in my Shoes with Dolly Sen

Welcome to the walk a mile in my shoes podcast, I’m your host, Chris Young and in this episode, I have the good fortune to talk with the mental health activist’s activist, Dolly Sen who describes herself as an award winning, professional mad person, writer, speaker, artist and film maker with a brain of ill repute. Her imaginative approach to mental health activism is something to behold.

A commission  by New Geographies, co-ordinated & produced by 9 organisations from the East Contemporary Visual Art Network, where I interview 4 Great Yarmouth locals with hidden histories.

Mad in America – Art and Transformation – Creating Justice in Mental Health Care

In this podcast, Mad in America’s Arts Editor, Karin Jervert, interviews the curator of the conference, Elena Veljanovska, and three artists—Dolly Sen, Anika Krbetschek, and Marcello Lussana—about art and transformation, human rights, and justice in mental health.